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Electric Blue & Fiery Red Custom Colours

White Pearl Paint

The paint engineers at Chestnut Grove believe in thinking outside of the box when mixing and developing colours. Creating vibrant and innovative colour options is their specialty and passion.

Music teacher and musician Marco, wanted and vibrant hue for his custom built guitars. While teaching his students to build these guitars, Marco asked Chestnut Grove designer and CEO, Francesco Giampietro to create a one of a kind finish for each guitar. The electric blue metallic guitar was painted first and the results are stunning. When light reflects off the guitar the metallic flecks of the paint sparkle, creating a true rockstar feel. Currently going through the same paint selection process is another of Marco’s custom guitars. This guitar will be a fiery and glossy red shade when finished with the natural grain of the wood glistening through.

At Chestnut Grove each custom paint job, whether on furniture or guitars is treated the same. The colour is perfectly mixed to the product to create a unique tailored colour.


A white pearl paint has been applied to the red guitar to create a stripe down the front and back of the instrument. The pearlized paint is reflective and gleams when placed in a direct light source.

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