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1920s New York Art Deco Inspired Hood Fan

Chestnut Grove clients, Bruce and Rachel wanted a unique hood fan for their new Chestnut Grove kitchen. They asked Lead Designer and President, Francesco Giampietro to create for them an Art Deco influenced piece.

The inspiration for this hood fan comes from the New York City landmark building located at 181 Madison Avenue and East 34th street. The clients had visited this neo-Renaissance and modern styled building before and were intrigued with an art deco design that is situated above an outside door. The door motif was created by famed iron smith, Edgar Brandt who helped to establish the Art Deco movement that swept Paris in the 1920s.

The Chestnut Grove design team took Bruce and Rachel’s inspiration and developed an AutoCAD 3D rendering of the hood fan. This was then programmed into the CNC machine, located in the work studio, and cut out with absolute precision to create the work of art. The craftsmen ensured to meticulously sand the rounded corners, making them smooth before the hood fan could be painted.

A copper shade with gold tones was chosen to compliment the clients’ collection of copper pots that flank either side of the hood fan. Once mounted in the kitchen this hood fan becomes a focal point to catch the eye of an art aficionado or anyone who appreciates fine craftsmanship with a creative flair.


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