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Hunt Piece Cuckoo Clock Restoration

A wood carved vintage ‘hunt piece’ cuckoo-clock that holds sentimental value to the customer was broken into twenty little pieces by a crew working in his home.

This whimsical clock was bought by the client in Black Forest, Germany in the 1970s while he was touring Europe as part of the NHL Old Timers hockey team. The hunt piece clock features nature scenes made of three dimensional hand carvings, considered to be a work of art, the owner was hoping for a seamless repair.


He entrusted his treasured clock to Chestnut Grove owner and artisan, Francesco Giampietro to repair the damaged pieces. This type of restoration takes the skill of a crafts worker to ensure the repairs are done flawlessly. Francesco studied the clock’s unique design including the species of wood, how it was originally assembled and the history of the clock. Not leaving any missed details to chance, Francesco set to work delicately re-attaching the broken pieces using wood glue as an adhesive. Once the glue was set, the clock began to resemble its striking presence once again. The clock was brought back to life by refinishing the reattached parts to match the surrounding wood.

The restored and much cherished cuckoo-clock is once again on the wall of the client’s home providing a timely reminder of great memories, time past and wonderful travels of places once visited.

If you have a project or restoration that requires the eye of a skilled artisan, feel free to contact Chestnut Grove to speak directly with a woodworking specialist.

You can also read the clients review here of this project.

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