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Art Nouveau Inspired Winery

An inspired design where water meets grape vines. Read the progress below.

Chestnut Grove is working on a Niagara Falls area winery. The reception desk has been assembled and painted a striking blue-green colour that represents flowing water. The realistic, wood coloured grape vines twist around the outer edges of the desk and creep along the front to display a whimsical water meets vines theme that is influenced by Art Nouveau.

The Chestnut Grove team is now working on the bar area which includes the same design as the reception desk, but at a larger scale. The vines are currently being placed onto the bar, once this is completed the entire bar will be painted in the same water inspired colour as the reception desk. When light hits the custom paint colour, it shimmers imitating sunlight on water.

The project that started out with real winery grape vines and the roaring waters of Niagara Falls as inspiration is now nearing the end. The final project will be photographed and posted on our website.

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