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All Things Creative: Giving back to Humber College Interior Design Students

For the second year, Chestnut Grove has partnered with Humber College of Toronto to impart their practical knowledge of design on third year students. The Chestnut Grove team and Humber educator, Craig Crane are working together to provide an exciting project for the Interior Design students. Principal Designer, Francesco Giampietro is joined by employees, Cassandra Brandow and Daniel Stretch, all three of whom are Humber graduates, to mentor the students and give back to the school where they once walked the halls, learning the valuable skills they utilize today.

Working with Craig, the team has developed a furniture design competition. Chestnut Grove has called upon this year’s students to design a tailor-made dresser, coffee table or a console table. The main feat of the project, is to create a piece of furniture that is inspired by an unrelated object. Furthering the challenge, the process involves avoiding inspiration from magazines and websites, while cultivating their own original idea. Francesco, Cassandra and Daniel are providing hands-on guidance and support to the students throughout the project.

Francesco Giampietro, teaching Humber College Students about antique furniture.

“The students are encouraged to ask themselves a question that is deeply important to Francesco,” says Cassandra. “That question is, where does creativity come from?”

Interior Designer, Cassandra Brandow in the classroom at Humber College to speak with students about their design challenge.

Once their projects are complete, winners will be selected and their piece will be showcased at Chestnut Grove’s upcoming studio show. The first-place winners in each category will be invited to participate in the build of their final furniture creation.

Chestnut Grove is encouraging the students to find answers to questions by exploring all design possibilities. Francesco explained to the students during their visit, “If you limit your ability to explore other styles, you won’t be able to cater to certain customers.” This is the message that the design team hopes the students will embrace when continuing with this challenge and ultimately with their careers.

Craftsmen, Daniel Stretch teaching Humber College Design Students about different woods and joinery.

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