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Our Exclusive 'First Edition' Handmade Cutting Boards and Serving Trays

(Photo: Cherry, curly maple and walnut boards being prepared)

From the Chestnut Grove Design Studio, it is our pleasure to present to you this one-of-a-kind, handmade cutting board and serving tray set crafted from solid wood. Stepping away from traditional wood strip butcher-blocks and end grain cutting boards, the First Edition cutting boards and serving trays are made from a single slab of wood resulting in an incredibly durable design that is timeless and functional. Each piece has been hand selected for its beauty and unique grain pattern. The handle design takes true inspiration from the classic French steak knife, using solid aluminum rod detailing. The boards will make a fashion statement accessorizing your kitchen space and will also present elegantly while entertaining.

(Photo: Curly maple and bloodwood handle)

The cutting board and serving tray set has been individually personalized using our laser engraving technology. Finished by hand, the boards have been rubbed with mineral oil to protect and enhance the woods variation in tone and colour.

(Photo: Pale walnut and curly maple handle)

To maintain the beauty of your new cutting board and serving tray set, rub with a mineral oil regularly and hand wash with warm soapy water when needed. Please do not wash in the dishwasher. If interested there are limited amounts of the First Edition cutting board's and serving tray's still available. Pricing and engraving by request, please email to inquire.

(Photo: Finished products, curly maple with an eucalyptus handle, walnut and cherry

Stay tuned for the upcoming design of the Second Edition which will be released in limited quantities November 2017. Follow us on Instagram @chestnutgroveto to stay current and see what we're up to in the studio!

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