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Sculpted, Vibrant Orange Display Cabinets

Foreign Affair Winery is branded with a strong, bold orange and black. These colours inspired Francesco Giampietro, Chestnut Grove’s principal designer, to create a unique set of cabinetry with the elements of a Lamborghini. Like a Lamborghini, the new cabinets are created to spark excitement in every person that sees it. With this is mind, Chestnut Grove’s designers set out to create a bold and eye-catching design. The pieces are painted in a striking Pearl Orange paint, created using the Lamborghini colour codes, for a smooth and glossy finish. The pearl automotive paint creates a brilliant orange shine that is expressive and vibrant.

Exotic car bodies are often built using carbon fiber and inspired our designers to incorporate the material in this design. Carbon fiber is sleek and lightweight and “dresses up” the display cabinet interiors. When the interior lighting is on, geometric lines on the carbon fiber shimmer in the light.

Foreign Affair Winery’s moose logo is cut using a laser machine and then fitted on to the cabinet exterior. The result is an attention-grabbing design.

Sometimes a piece of furniture shouldn’t just fit into a room, it should take command of it. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or bold, Chestnut Grove designers constantly strive for perfection with every design.

To keep up with what’s happening at Chestnut Grove, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @ChestnutGroveTO.

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