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"Everybody at Chestnut grove is genuinely wonderful and passionate about their work."


On behalf of my daughter and myself, I would like to express my deepest heart felt thanks to Chestnut Grove. I have been helping my daughter with her first home purchase and renovation. As you know it can be exciting buying a home but very stressful renovating it. I’m really glad that my friend recommended Francesco to me because he lives up to his reputation by the high level of craftsmanship his work exudes.

Francesco is a brilliant designer who knows how to communicate with his clients. My daughter who is a flight attendant needed a kitchen design to accommodate her busy lifestyle. He asked all the right questions and came up with the most functional layout. The design is spectacular, the door style is perfect, the custom made colour is beautiful and stone selection is stunning. Everything is in the right place and we now have plenty of storage. Neighbours who have come by to see it are amazed that such an elegant kitchen with so much to offer can fit in a small house.

Paul was fantastic, he coordinated all the details of the kitchen delivery, the installation and he was on site every step of the way to make certain the quality was second to none. Jerry is an amazing installer his attention to detail, and love for his work really works well with Francesco’s design. Everybody at Chestnut grove is genuinely wonderful and passionate about their work. It’s been a long time since I've encountered a company that really looks after their customers the way they do. Please use me as a referral any time.


Happy Mother and Daughter


Carmela De Francesco

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