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A company built from the idea of purity in craftsmanship, combined with various innovative techniques, our designers and makers have the freedom for cohesive creativity in the shop. We provide a work environment where our employees can explore their potential and thrive in an atmosphere where every job is signed with excellence.

Our made-to-order work is designed and built on premium standards reflecting the client’s personal lifestyle needs. We offer complete full-service solutions from design, to renovation and installation, while communicating with all parties to ensure a seamless process.

We are proud in what we build and providing service that offers customers more value than they expect. The exercise starts with the customer describing what they want, moving forward we work with you to create a tailored design pallet that is sure to capture your appetite and create a unique one-off experience.

Our internal paint studio allows limitless level of customization offering high-end finishes such as lacquers, stains, water and oil based paints - not to mention our selection of exclusive automotive paints. Our metallic collection allows unprecedented freedom to make a statement, while our artistic colour aging techniques add a depth and character to the work we produce.

Original design, technical distillation and extraordinary craftsman are central to Chestnut Grove’s ongoing commitment to outstanding craftsmanship and incomparable levels of personal service.

All of Chestnut Grove's millwork is handcrafted in Vaughan, Ontario. 

Chestnut Grove Design Studio
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