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The Chestnut Grove fabrication team is comprised of interior designers, industrial designers and computer engineers who are focused on material exploration, emerging technology, and the development of creative solutions. 

Everything in our studio comes to life through the creative minds of our designers. Chestnut Grove offers talented in-house interior designers and skilled craftsmen the opportunity to provide clients with a tailor-made product and a truly unique experience.

We listen. We ask questions. And we share our talent and expertise to create custom designs that suit each client’s taste and needs. Our design philosophy strives to capture the true artisan that is already inside each of you.


To allow you to share in this creative process, our clients are invited to participate in the step-by-step journey, thus experiencing the evolution of your original ideas into something real and exciting.


Gathering all the elements and synthesizing them into an original creative concept lets us give clients an emotional connection to their projects; you will know every detail placement, its purpose, and its relationship to all the other elements in the space. When projects are complete, you will be able to embrace the results as a true reflection of your personality and lifestyle. 

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