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Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Millwork Warranty:

Please fill out form and email to: or fax 416.252.0807


Chestnut Grove strives to maintain industry-leading standards by carefully selecting high quality pieces of solid veneer and woods for cabinetry and furniture. All woods, regardless of species, will vary in grain and colour from one piece of wood to another.

Chestnut Grove finish process are designed to enhance the natural wood tones and characteristics that vary from tree to tree. Natural wood characteristics are considered part of the beauty of natural wood products and should be welcomed features of your Chestnut grove cabinetry.

Over time all colours and woods are effected by UV light and temperature changes in the environment causing the colours and wood grain to deepen and take on a warmer or darker tones. This is a natural aging process to all wood products.

At Chestnut Grove it’s all about the authentic beauty that nature dictates in wood, making each piece of cabinetry or furniture distinctly original. There will never be a second alike.

Please note: if you are selecting a “natural” top-coat finish or specialty technique finish, you will be provided with a lager sample to assist you in finalizing your cabinetry and finish selection.

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