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December 2017

"Frank at Chestnut Grove Kitchens listened to what our needs were and was able to put together a fantastic design"

Approximately one year ago, my husband and I purchased our dream home in which we have both now retired in. As I enjoy cooking and feel that the heart and gathering part of a home is the Kitchen, we decided to renovate. I have always dreamed of a large island in my kitchen that overlooks the family room.

We have heard so many wonderful things about Chestnut Grove Kitchens that we decided to give them a try. And we are so happy that we took that step!

Frank at Chestnut Grove Kitchens listened to what our needs were and was able to put together a fantastic design. 

The quality of workmanship and attention to detail were beyond our expectation. The construction and carpentry skills, experience and expertise were evident. 

Frank came to our home a few times during the installations to make sure we were happy with the construction.

Jerry, the installer, was on time each day. He was very polite, professional and made sure everything was cleaned before he left for the day.

Frank, Andy and I cannot express to you how we are absolutely delighted with our new kitchen, we have received numerous complements and it is all due to Chestnut Grove Kitchens. 

We would like to thank you and your staff in helping build our Dream Kitchen.

Dora Basacchi

December 2017

"This is not my first experience with Chestnut Grove, our kitchen was completely renovated a few years ago and that experience convinced me that Chestnut Grove would be the only company to renovate our bathroom."

Frank and his team created a lovely master bathroom for our home. From the first visit to his showroom until the last finishing touches were done to the renovation in our home, professionalism and execution are the only words to describe the experience. This is not my first experience with Chestnut Grove, our kitchen was completely renovated a few years ago and that experience convinced me that Chestnut Grove would be the only company to renovate our bathroom. From the materials selected to the quality of the finished product we could not been more satisfied. Well done Frank and your team.

Nick Renda

December 2017

"Frank's Chestnut Grove company and team are throwbacks to old world craftsmanship and artistry"

Frank's Chestnut Grove company and team are throwbacks to old world craftsmanship and artistry - a lost art in today's fast paced world. Frank has taken this one step further and focused on incredible customer service and creativity. They took the time to really understand what we wanted and then ensured that our vision was delivered beyond expectations. You can tell that Frank has carefully built a culture that the customer comes first. The detail and care exhibited by Jerry and Michael when installing our kitchen was a joy to see. 

The old saying of ..."they don't build them like that anymore" has not only been exceeded ... Chestnut Grove has set new industry standards. Well Done!! 

As a person in sales and marketing for 35 years it was refreshing to see a company emerge with pinpoint accuracy on the customer and craftsmanship. When was the last time a company not only called but dropped by to ensure we were 100% happy with the work. - after completing the work. Truly unique and amazing.

Mario Mazzone

November 2017

"Want to thank you for my custom patio furniture and pool room cabinets"

Want to thank you for my custom patio furniture and pool room cabinets.
I received so many compliments on them. I write this today as my friend was looking on Houzz for a similar design and called me and i recommended you guys and they said i should put a review on Houzz

November 2017

"The addition of these two cabinets have elevated the whole tasting room to a new level of elegance & finesse. "

This project was a labour of love from our perspective & Frank & his team were able to translate our vision for cabinets showcasing some of our favorite items for our winery. The auto paint used on the exterior was totally consistent with our brand. and enhanced by the use of Lamborgini carbon fiber for the interior. The attention to every detail was incredible. The addition of these two cabinets have elevated the whole tasting room to a new level of elegance & finesse.

Marisa Crispino

September 2017

"The team that came and put the kitchen together were very professional and answered any questions that I had"

Chestnut Grove was suggested to my by my insurance company. I had water damage that required all the cabinetry on two sides of the kitchen, and panels on the island be replaced. Paul Alas assured me they could digitally match the colour. He showed me two options and we chose one.

The workmanship was was superb. The team that came and put the kitchen together were very professional and answered any questions that I had. When the work was done my husband and I were quite amazed at the outcome. The colour match was perfect. Our kitchen was back to its original look.
Family members and friends couldn't believe it! 

I would definitely recommend Chestnut Grove Design Studio to anyone contemplating a new kitchen or any other cabinetry work for their home, office or cottage.
Our project was completed August 2017. 

I would give this company a five start rating.

Sandy Traub

May 2017

"The design process explored various solutions to accommodate my wish list including improving functionality and integrated great suggestions for the design team"

When in 2013, I felt in love with my house this love never extended to the kitchen. A remnant from the 80s or 90s, it was worn out, ill organized with significant wasted space. A friend and neighbor hearing that I was about to undertake some much needed renovations insisted that I give Chestnut Grove a chance and even organized a first contact. Right from that first day, Chestnut Grove stood out of the pack by quickly following up and organizing an initial meet as I was still waiting to hear from other designers. 

Everything from there went smoothly, on time and on budget. The design process explored various solutions to accommodate my wish list including improving functionality and integrated great suggestions for the design team. All along, both Franco and Cassandra demonstrated flexibility and great attention to details. Going beyond design, cabinet making and installation, they also took on to coordinate all the trades involved in creating a kitchen. Each and every one proved to be excellent. Chestnut Grove own staff were very professional too making the process as smooth as possible. Last but not least, communication was ongoing and easy with regular updates and quick follow ups. 

The end result is a small but functional and elegant kitchen which fits perfectly in my open space. Friends and family have commented on the fact that it seems to have always been there as well as on the soft colors and the airiness of the space.

It's with great pleasure that I have already started to recommend them to friends and connections and I will continue to do so.

Dominique Guillaumant

November 21, 2016

"Again we couldn’t find a piece that fitted our layout, but after 10 minutes with Franco listening to his “passion”we were prepared to gamble"

We have been looking for a specific piece of furniture for quite some time, a cross between a Welsh Dresser and a French provincial Kitchen Armoire. Size was an issue and no one had or was willing to make what we wanted. 
When we dropped into the showroom at Chestnut Grove we were astounded at the quality of the different eclectic designs on show. Again we couldn’t find a piece that fitted our layout, but after 10 minutes with Franco listening to his “passion”we were prepared to gamble. It was the best decision we could have made. 
Designed to the exact dimensions we gave him, it was built out of REAL wood. Hand finished to mimic the quirks and eccentricities of an original antique dresser. Perfect….

I. Taylor

Novemeber 18, 2016

"Every time I walk into our new kitchen, I have a huge smile on my face as to how beautiful and functional the space has now become"

Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Design helped make a 26-year dream become a reality for us. 

June of this year I walked through the front doors of Chestnut Grove and never looked back. The moment I walked in I knew that this was in the right place. The entire atmosphere at Chestnut Grove is Fabulous. Cassandra and Franco are Outstanding Designers, to me they are more than designers they are Artists. Incredible passionate about what they do and how they create, they can look outside the box! You can not help but get energized when you are around them. 
As we walked through the showrooms, the studio and the work shop, I was blown away by the creativity and the process, in which they follow to produce such unique and wonderful cabinetry. 
All the staff are incredible. Gerry and Dan the installers were amazing and meticulous when it came to installing our kitchen. They were also wonderful with our two dogs! 
As we were doing a full kitchen renovation, (a complete gut) I knew we would have a few challenges along the way. With every challenge, Cassandra, Franco, Gerry and Dan found the solution and created in incredible transformation. I can not believe it is the same room!! 
Every time I walk into our new kitchen, I have a huge smile on my face as to how beautiful and functional the space has now become. We are so impressed with the quality, professionalism and craftsmanship that everyone at Chestnut Grove has shown to us, we will be hiring them again when we start the process of building our retirement home. They will be creating cabinets for the workshop, designing the kitchen and the bathrooms. A hugely talented group of individuals and I am so glad that we had the privilege of having our kitchen created by them!!!!

Rosemary Fitzpatrick-Northway

November 2016

"We worked collaboratively at all times and his expert designers and team created in our minds a masterpiece of a kitchen"

Our journey began with trepidation. We have lived in our home for 19 years and accumulated many experiences both positive and of late frankly disheartening. We met Franco and his designer Cassandra having been referred to by a client within my professional network. We looked at his website and I had seen the work completed in my client’s home who told me directly that there was no one else to consider except for Franco and his team. My contact made the connection and voila I heard from Franco. I did not have to chase him, beg him and try to work within his schedule. I thought wow this was refreshing! We met shortly thereafter, and I need to say I had already made the decision to rule out two other contract companies. As we sat in his show room going over our wants and desires, I was impressed by the calm, gentle and respectful manner that Franco presented. I was clear from the beginning that I needed management as I was highly anxious over the prospect of having a kitchen renovation and our dogs COULD NOT BE DISRUPTED. Franco smiled and assured me they could handle the request. After our initial meeting my partner and I looked at each other and agreed then and there, Franco was our choice! It is hard to pin point the moment we knew we could trust him. But in the end we did and our developing project began. Franco recommended Joe Buompastore to coordinate the team of trade professionals.  Following our decision Franco and Cassandra visited us and our home. This provided us a flavor of how Franco begins gathering information and an understanding of the home owners. We are rather eclectic and wanted to impress upon Franco the need to be unique and interesting in his plans for designing our kitchen. There was no rushing and from the beginning we communicated as if we were old friends. We met shortly thereafter to have an unveiling of ideas and the design plans. We worked collaboratively at all times and his expert designers and team created in our minds a masterpiece of a kitchen. We agreed on the design and planned for the time frame to begin. Throughout the entire process between Franco and Cassandra and Joe Buompastore we were informed daily of all activities going on in our home.  Each and every professional person entering our home exuded expertise and professionalism. Anything I asked was accommodated. The most important part of this journey was the assurance our dogs would be protected from any byproduct materials that they could get into and become sick. Each team member ensured daily cleaning and protection for our dogs. Over time the unveiling of the kitchen began and I can honestly say we were excited. Gone was the fear and anxiety. I joked with friends that for the first time I was given a schedule to follow.  Additional thoughts regarding crown molding and floating shelves were suggested by Franco and at that point I just said…………you are the expert I trust your judgment!  Since the completion of our kitchen we have hosted several dinner parties and each and every person that sees our work of beauty is amazed and agrees that Franco and his team at Chestnut Grove exceed on every level craftsmanship, integrity and amazing design.  Without hesitation we would and have already recommended Franco and his team to those that ask us for the details. We also want to impress upon anyone who begins a relationship with Franco, he is sincere, honest and wants the best for the homeowners and a great communicator!  Finally in the end, Franco, Cassandra and Joe have restored our faith that there are excellent renovators and designers who demonstrate commitment to their clients. 


L. Moore and J. Poole

October 2016

"Thank you for going above and beyond, thank you for taking care of the details and doing so with ease."

I don’t often write reviews, but I don’t often come across a company that deserves a review. It’s a fundamental belief that if company provides a service they should do so with a degree of professionalism, within a reasonable budget and generally on time. As builders my husband and I work with several great trades, and to be blunt we aren’t easy to impress.
 Every now and then I come across a company that deserves a review and more so a heartfelt ‘thank you’. To Chestnut Grove and their wonderful staff, I have to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond, thank you for taking care of the details and doing so with ease.
As builders we try to align ourselves with companies that have the infrastructure to adapt to the pitfalls of construction, timing being one of the biggest issues. Paul Halas and Cassandra Brandow work with me to make sure I get my kitchen when I need it, even if it’s three and a half weeks after I insisted that I would. As a company they have put people in place to check in and follow up with upcoming jobs, constantly updating their schedule to accommodate their clients. 
In the custom home market, we continually change things. As a home evolves things get added and changed, color pallets change - things change. Chestnut Grove builds and finishes all the cabinetry at their shop. The end result being they have complete control over the quality of the product that bears their name, but it also allows them to add or modify cabinetry to meet site conditions on a clients’ whim. I am constantly adding cabinetry, when I come across a design issue that requires adding a shelf, or needing a three by ten flat panel, sprayed high gloss CC40, I call Paul at Chestnut Grove. 
Chestnut Grove recently outfitted an Orthodontic Studio for our company, it is beautiful, but it is also fabulous because it is functional. In a space where cabinetry is far from elegant, Paul worked with the dental company to create storage carts that would hold all of the necessary equipment and look fabulous. It should also be said, he did so for half the price of the ones we would normally order.
The process with Chestnut Grove is seamless, the measuring the orderings the made in Canada, the fantastic installation are all good things. I can recommend this company just based on these merits. However, my recommendation comes from a different place; professionalism and integrity, from Paul and Cassandra in the office, Jose in the paint shop to Jerry on site, I thank you for past project and for the future ones. 

Sandra Sisera

July 6, 2016

"Our friends and family have complimented us on how luxurious it looks and feels."

Dear Franco and the Chestnut Grove team:


We are writing to express our appreciation for the beautiful kitchen that you installed in our condo in Dec-2015/Jan-2016. Not a day goes by where we don't marvel at how beautiful it is.  In addition, it is even more practical than the previous tired and outdated closed-in 1980s kitchen that came with the condo when we bought it.  You and your team brought our dream kitchen from just an idea into reality without bursting our budget and at the same time did not compromise on quality or sacrificed any of the design.  Our friends and family have complimented us on how luxurious it looks and feels.  We are not the only ones who have commented on the high level of craftsmanship and remarkable attention to detail.  The focal point of our kitchen is truly the 16-foot quartz-topped island.  You helped us find the right quartz and teamed us with the right supplier and installers.  The island is now the centre of many activities; it is where we cook, entertain and do work.  Also, now that the kitchen has been opened up to the rest of the living space, we can enjoy the views outside our windows no matter where we are in our condo.  We recognize that the design and installation is a team effort and so congratulate you on a job well done.  However we would like to extend a special thanks to designers Wendy and Cassandra and installer Jerry (and the rest of your team) on doing such a fantastic job on our kitchen.  Because we have been so happy with our experience working with you, we did not hesitate to recommend Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Design to our friends who are also considering renovations.



Catherine & Terence

April 26, 2016

The end result is beyond our expectations of which we enjoy seeing the finished installed product in our home.

Dear Franco,


I am writing this letter of appreciation to you to express our gratitude for a Project well done at my home in King City.

I originally met with you and gave you a brief description of the wall Unit and Console of what my wife and I were looking for and you took that information and you took it from there. While visiting you at your facility we were very impressed with the very high quality of designs and high quality of workmanship that we saw in your state of the art facility.

After you gave us a more in depth solution to what were looking for, you made many recommendations to enhance and improve our initial concept and you took it to a more artistic higher level of design which was captured in the final finished product which is truly a work of art.The end result is beyond our expectations of which we enjoy seeing the finished installed product in our home.

In closing, I want to also comment on the Professionalism of your installation crew, they were truly craftsmen at their skill and took a lot steps to ensure that we were happy with the end result.They assembled all the components and installed the finishing trims which brought to life your finished designs and manufacturing of the components of which you put your hands on for us to enjoy every day in our home. Finally we want to Thank You and all of your Staff that made our project possible.



Nick & Mary Morganelli

March 2016

"I would like to thank you for such a quick and satisfactory response".

Dear Frank, 


When you installed a new kitchen almost three years ago I expressed by appreciation for the outstanding job your company did.


There are times when there is a need for some adjustments. This is where it truly shows how a company stands behind their work.


When I came to you with such a request you - without hesitation - offered to remedy the situation. One day after I saw you, arrangements were made and the situation was corrected very quickly. 


I would like to thank you for such a quick and sastisfactory response. 


Like Before it was a pleasure to meet with you. 



Hilda Steimle



October 13, 2015

"All of the trades' people who were sent in by Chestnut Grove were extremely professional."

“A dream kitchen designed to fit with our 1920’s craftsman style home.”

We had purchased our property in the Upper Beach a year before, and the house needed many upgrades. These included updating wiring, installing a new furnace, and replacing the worn hardwood floors. But the most glaring update needed was the tired 1980’s kitchen.

This was our second kitchen renovation, and we approached this one slowly as we wanted a kitchen that was timeless (both in style and durability), and matched our unique house. The renovation at the previous house, being constrained by funds, had been an IKEA kitchen; serviceable, but not that unique. We now wanted a kitchen that would revive and honour the 1920’s roots of our home.

Having seen the work of Chestnut Grove at our neighbour’s house, we decided to approach them for a quote. Shortly after Franco Giampietro and Joe Buompastore arrived at our house, we could tell this was not going to be what one would expect from a kitchen contractor. Their visit was not limited to the kitchen, but extended throughout the house. Franco explained that his vision for any job is to provide a kitchen that fits with the entire house. He took pictures of numerous unique architectural features throughout the house, such as the arch on the front verandah, the plate rail in the dining-room, and the original airing cupboard in the upstairs hallway. Most importantly, he asked what our vision for the kitchen was.

Throughout the design process we were asked to be key contributors to the plans for our new kitchen. We were encouraged to bring in any photos or concepts that we felt illustrated our vision. We were part of all design discussions, and Franco helped us sort through our ideas and inspirations to find the balance that worked for our kitchen.

Once it came to the work actually beginning, we were always informed on a daily basis of what tasks were being worked on, and who would be coming into the house.  All of the trades’ people who were sent in by Chestnut Grove were extremely professional. They were polite, and we always had a sense that they were treating our house as if it was their own. No shortcuts were taken, and no detail was spared.

And it was this attention to detail that impressed us the most. All of the features of our house that Frank focused on in his first visit found their way into our kitchen design; the arch on the verandah was featured in the range hood cabinet, the new opening into the dining room, and even in the kick plate details. However the piece that we feel is the crowning glory of the kitchen is the pantry cupboard that Frank designed that echoes the upstairs linen cupboard. In the words of one of our first guests to see the finished kitchen, “it seems that this pantry is original to the house.” Mission achieved. And it even has squeaky hinges! Thank you Chestnut Grove; we could not be happier.


John & Evan

June 13, 2015

"We are absolutely thrilled with the quality."


Dear Franco & Team,


We are absolutely thrilled with the quality, impeccable attention to detail and finishing of our Chestnut Grove home theatre and wine bar cabinetry. We’ve worked with numerous design, build and installation teams over the years on many projects and our entire experience with Chestnut Grove was by far superior to others. The highly specialized and custom design process was impressive and we recognized from the outset and throughout the fabrication and installation process that the caliber of craftsmanship, millwork and finishing would be second to none. This was a quality job from all perspectives with top-notch client focus and servicing throughout the project. We enjoyed working with you and the Chestnut Grove team and would highly recommend you to future clients. An outstanding experience for us – thank you.


With warm regards,

J. Flynn & J. Greenwood

Toronto, ON 

" From the project inception through to completion, the owner and staff of Chestnut Grove were accessible and eager to collaborate."

We are writing this letter to attest to the outstanding quality of workmanship and ethical business practices observed in our dealings with Chestnut Grove for the design and build of our custom kitchen millwork and custom cabinetry. From the project inception through to completion, the owner and staff of Chestnut Grove were accessible and eager to collaborate. Through the design phase, multiple on-site visits for measurements were performed by their staff and we were welcomed by the owners to visit their offices after normal working hours and on weekends to hammer out details. Our experience with Chestnut Grove was stellar. We would not hesitate for an instant to recommend them to anyone - and we already have on several occasions. We were so happy with their work that we have already engaged them to do additional projects and look forward to working with them again.


H. Larochelle

March 6, 2015

"Hiring Chestnut Grove,... was the best decision we made during the entire process..."

The calm in the eye of the hurricane: After suffering through the madness imposed by our original general contractor, that is how it felt dealing with the professional, thoughtful and caring team members of Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Millwork.

Because of the general contractor’s bullish practices, and his gruff manner, my wife Rachel and I were stressed and distressed. But hiring Chestnut Grove to handle the brilliant design and excellent build of our art deco kitchen was the best decision we made during the entire process of our major home renovation. It was also our salvation when the general contractor walked off the job later in the reno: Chestnut Grove came to the rescue to handle more than their kitchen duties. Throughout this journey, whenever Franco, Dorothy and their staff members met with us at Chestnut Grove’s offices and millwork shop, or at our house in the east end of Toronto, we felt an immense relief. All discussions were quiet and reasonable. Meticulous detail was always paramount. We felt in safe hands. And then we watched as the vision we had brainstormed with the artistic-minded designer Franco come to reality in the hands of expert craftsmen led by Jerry.

The results are stunning. The kitchen, which was expanded to twice its size as a 14-foot addition enlarged the entire house, is now a showpiece. It has sublime style. It has excellent function. It has quality cabinetry. Visitors to the house — especially people who had seen the original and decidedly tired 1923 kitchen layout — marvel at what has become a beautiful space with its art deco touches, with its wall of French copper pots, with its island counter that quickly turns into a social hub where the visitors gather.

We were so pleased that, when other parts of the reno proved to be problematic, we were confident to continue and to expand our relationship with Chestnut Grove. The archway from the living room to the dining room — which had been slopped into a crooked and ugly disaster by the general contractor — was redone by Chestnut Grove’s craftsmen in their millwork shop and then installed without fuss. This after Franco had queried us on our desires and tastes and designed a masterful art deco passageway that perfectly complements the kitchen design. This archway is now our home’s first-impression artistic statement — and it looks even better after the installation than it did on paper in the design. An ugly mess has become a thing of beauty.

As a result, Chestnut Grove is now about to re-do our en suite bathroom and we are anticipating the same level of satisfaction with that project as we have experienced with all other contributions the team has made to the house. Looking back, we wish we had contracted them to do that part the original renovation, too. But better late than never. The quality results, and the calm with which they are achieved, are all that will count in the long run.


Bruce Kirkland & Rachel Sa

January 18, 2015

"The quality of materials and workmanship is superb!"

Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work in creating our dream laundry room and beautiful family room cabinetry.  The quality of materials and workmanship is superb!  Your cabinet design considered every detail on our wish list.


Jerry's expertise with the installation was amazing.  The worksite was organized and tidy and at the end of each day, you would never know that anyone had been here!


We receive enthusiastic compliments from anyone that sees the laundry room or family room.


We thank you for your excellent ideas, service, quality and value.  We will highly recommend Chestnut Grove Cabinetry to anyone considering making improvements or changes in their home.  We look forward to working with you again in the future.


It has been a pleasure having you in our home!


Bill and Liz Hartnett

October 8, 2014

"Can't thank you enough; the table is absolutely beautiful..."

Our table was delivered today and what a wonderful job you did - even on the legs, they were so rough! Can't thank you enough. The table is absolutely beautiful and its sitting in our living room with a pair of cranberry lustres on it. 

Franco, the two marbles that Peter sent you were a wedding gift to his mother and father, which would be early 1930s. They were electric lamps then and had globes on top for the light. When we got them, the globes were gone and looked exactly like they do today. I used candles but we're now trying to downsize. Hope you can use them in some way as we think they are in a good place. 

Many thanks again for all you have done for us. 


Most Sincerely, 

Mr. and Mrs. Conacher. 

July 31, 2014

"Franco's vast years of experience and insight have proven to be invaluable..."

Since the Fall of 2013, we have actively been involved with Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Millwork, primarily Franco Giampietro, with the renovation to our new showroom and offices. We have met on several occasions with Franco, and his team, through various design consultations and concepts, combining both esthetic form and function. Franco's vast years of experience and insight have proven to be invaluable, and has always represented both himself and Chestnut Grove with the outmost professionalism, accommodation and dignity. 

We continue to work closely together on multiple design projects and look forward to building a long-term business relationship with Franco and Chestnut Grove.



Elie Ezras | General Manager of Berenson

Naveen Karna | Operations Manager at Berenson

July 1, 2014

"It was an amazing experience to watch the way Francesco worked and how he and his team treated this job with passion, care and excellence."

I am a Toronto based contractor and I have been in business for 6 years and have had the pleasure of working with many talented trades and shops, but this shop is simply the best kept secret. 

I had a unique project that required a very creative approach to solving the design issues for the Berenson showroom. My Interior Designer told me of a small studio shop that could build anything that reaches far into unique workmanship. Upon my first visit I was immediately astounded as soon as I walked through the front doors. It's best described as a creative wonderland. The ideas and approach to building furniture, cabinetry and art pieces are astounding and of superior quality. Francesco is the owner and gifted designer who is not only talented at the design aspect, but even more so on the communication. My clients were struggling with an array of ideas, fixtures and showrooms that they had seen from other competitors. Synthesizing this vast amount of information and listening to the Berenson team share their visions is a daunting task. In no time Francesco won their confidence and interpreted it into a design that they had all agreed on to meet the budget. 

It was an amazing experience to watch the way Francesco worked and how he and his team treated this job with passion, care and excellence. I would like to sincerely recommend Chestnut Grove to anyone who is in need of a fantastic place to get truly one of a kind workmanship. 

On behalf of my ecstatic client and myself I would like to say thanks to Francesco and the Chestnut Grove team for the incredible experience and encourage you to visit the Berenson Showroom (321 Hanlan Rd.) and see for yourself. 


Kave Shoman

June 2014

"I can't tell you how excited Ann and I are with our new kitchen table designed by you..."

I can't tell you how excited Ann  and I are with our new kitchen table designed by you and built by Chestnut Grove. While we  knew the size and colour the rest was your creation and we couldn't be more pleased. The colouring matches the buffet perfectly and your design

of the table legs, top and drawers really worked for us. I hope you are as thrilled as we are.


Thank you Franco and look forward to the next time.


Ann and Pete Conacher


March 16, 2014

"The overall design reflects the Tuscan flavour we were after......"

We built our retirement bungalow in 2013, and hired Chestnut Grove to build and install the kitchen. Although we had a pretty specific design and layout in mind, Franc worked closely with us to refine our plan and turn it into a functional and warm gathering place, the centre of our home! The overall design reflects the Tuscan flavour we were after, while still maintaining its place in a contemporary, suburban setting. The road to renovation or new construction is rarely smooth. In fact, it can be overwhelming at times which is exactly why it is so critical to have a supportive and patient team of people to assist you throughout that process. The team at Chestnut Grove is a complete "care package" offering thoughtful, purposeful design; extensive attention to details; on-site visits throughout the journey; and after-care service as required. Franc is a skilled artist and entrepreneur who has surrounded himself with an outstanding staff of knowledgeable and caring individuals ALL of whom pride themselves on a job-well-done. That is a rare combination in today's business world. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found such a company and appreciate the quality of product, design, and customer service extended to us by everyone at Chestnut Grove!


Issie and Sandro

February 17, 2014

"...I can't thank you enough for your expertise in the restoration."

A little history about the cuckoo clock you so masterfully repaired. About 1974, I was playing hockey with the N.H.L Old Timers. We were invited to play some games overseas against our Armed Forces in Germany. While there we had a tour through the Black Forest. We stopped at a Clock Shop at the side of the road where I purchased my clock. It had been working perfectly until the accident during a basement cleanup when the clock was knocked off the wall and broken in about 20 pieces. I never believed it could be fixed, but you did it and it's all back on the wall and working perfectly. The clock represents a treasured experience with the Old Timers, so I can't thank you enough for your expertise in the restoration. 


Mr. Pete Conacher

January 14, 2014

"Frank is a pleasure to work with because of his commitment to the utmost quality craftmanship..."

Frank is a pleasure to work with because of his commitment to the utmost quality craftmanship and his excellent eye for design. We used a design that he had already developed for the base of the table and he made adjustments to the shape of the table based on our needs and his expert design eye. He has a great attention to detail and an integrity to his work that has made us trust him in making decisions on our behalf for this and the other pieces he is building for us. Frank is also building a desk, filing credenza and a dining room buffet for our home. We have recommended him to our friends and to our designer for her other clients. 


D. Daryanani Nakra

September 8, 2013

"I'm very pleased with the woodwork in every room"

As a Professor of Communications for over forty years, I believe when someone (a student or a worker in my home) does something outstanding they should be complimented and praised. Joe deserves what I have to say. After my terrible flood and the end of May, I had many workers in my home. Some were okay, others not. Joe always phoned to say when he was coming and always showed up on time. He also treated me and my home with incredible respect. 
The work his co-workers did was first class. I'm very pleased with the woodwork in every room. Joe supervised all of this and should be thanked for his expertise. 
Professor Jim Streeter

September 13, 2013

"Everybody at Chestnut grove is genuinely wonderful and passionate about their work."

On behalf of my daughter and myself, I would like to express my deepest heart felt thanks to Chestnut Grove. I have been helping my daughter with her first home purchase and renovation. As you know it can be exciting buying a home but very stressful renovating it. I’m really glad that my friend recommended Francesco to me because he lives up to his reputation by the high level of craftsmanship his work exudes.

Francesco is a brilliant designer who knows how to communicate with his clients. My daughter who is a flight attendant needed a kitchen design to accommodate her busy lifestyle. He asked all the right questions and came up with the most functional layout. The design is spectacular, the door style is perfect, the custom made colour is beautiful and stone selection is stunning. Everything is in the right place and we now have plenty of storage. Neighbours who have come by to see it are amazed that such an elegant kitchen with so much to offer can fit in a small house.

Paul was fantastic, he coordinated all the details of the kitchen delivery, the installation and he was on site every step of the way to make certain the quality was second to none. Jerry is an amazing installer his attention to detail, and love for his work really works well with Francesco’s design. Everybody at Chestnut grove is genuinely wonderful and passionate about their work. It’s been a long time since I've encountered a company that really looks after their customers the way they do. Please use me as a referral any time.


Happy Mother and Daughter


Carmela De Francesco


July 2013

"We had our complete dream kitchen in no time..."

We went through a renovation in the summer of 2012. The last project was our kitchen. Our contractor referred us to Chestnut Grove Millwork. We had never renovated our kitchen before and did not know where to begin. Cesar came to our home and took photos and measurements. Within a week we had our design. Cesar brought us to their showroom and provided us with multiple samples to choose from. It was a little overwhelming at first, but Cesar really aided us in choosing a design and colour scheme. We had a time line and our cabinetry came early! The installation process was quick. We had our complete dream kitchen in no time and their price point was great. We would refer this company to anyone who is looking for a painless renovation. They were great to work with from start to finish. They also provided aftercare. If you have any questions at all, they follow up quickly. We love our kitchen!


N. McAneney

June 12, 2013

"I wanted Chestnut Grove to be aware of the commendable service I received."

Your company recently completed a kitchen renovation for us at a condominium. I met with Frank a few times and he had excellent suggestions for improvements and cost effective options. Most of my interaction was with Joe Buompastore. He always made time to reply to e-mails and phone calls. There were numerous times when he went out of his way to accommodate things. I found Joe to be very efficient, courteous and customer focused. He did a great job in keeping me and our tenant informed of progress and working with me to produce the desired outcome.

I wanted Chestnut Grove to be aware of the commendable service I received.


H. Steimle

May 21, 2013

"The design successfully captured the contemporary style that we were after..."

I would just like to formally thank you for the fantastic work you did in our kitchen. The design successfully captured the contemporary style that we were after but delivered the functionality that we needed in what far exceeded our expectations. Having Joe as our project manager eased the process. Both my wife and I are professionals and have demanding careers. It would have therefore been impossible to be in constant contact with the various trades. Joe not only took care of the detail but delivered weekly progress reports. One of the biggest plusses was his accommodation to meet at times that suited our schedules. I would be happy to recommend both you and your company in the event of you ever needing a reference.


James Dixon

May 9, 2013

...the reviews from our family and friends are a testament to the quality of work your company can do..."

I would like to thank Franco and his team for a job well done. Our kitchen looks incredible and the reviews from our family and friends are a testament to the quality of work your company can do. Every step of the way from our original visit to your showroom to the design and quoting stage to the actual installation of the kitchen was handled in a professional manner with no delays or problems during the process. Your personal attentiveness to detail in the construction and then final follow up and completion of the project was great. There was not one issue that you did not resolve to my satisfaction. We are planning to renovate our master bathroom next year and we will definitely use Chestnut Grove. Once again Franco, thanks to you and your team for a trouble free experience and a beautiful kitchen.


Mr. N. Renda

February 28, 2013

"The cabinets look fantastic."

I just wanted to say thank you. The cabinets look fantastic. The time you dedicated to helping us was appreciated. The attention to detail and dedication through to installation made dealing with you and your company such a pleasure. 



"...flawless finish and installation of our built-ins and credenza."

To all the members of the Chestnut Grove team that worked on our beautiful units. Thank you so much for your hard work, attention to detail, flawless finish and installation of our built-ins and credenza. We love them and love working with all of you.


John & Effie

February 28, 2013

"We must say dealing with your company has been a refreshing change."

Franco, I just wanted to let you know how pleased Tony and I are with our kitchen and bathroom renovations. Our house went from nice to “wow!”. You and your team, Paul, Joe, Tony, and Jerry were a joy to work and deal with. As you know in my career as a facilities coordinator with the Ministry Of Government Services, I have dealt with many contractors - very few of which I had a great experience with. We must say that dealing with your company has been a refreshing change. The quality of your product that we saw in your showroom, the attention to detail and ensuring the project was completed on time and within our budget was amazing. In particular I would like to thank Paul who answered each and every e-mail, phone call and question we had all the while providing us with great customer service. Jerry the installer was also a gem and his attention to detail was outstanding and is reflected in the final install. It is very rare to see this type of workmanship and it was a great pleasure to have him work in our home. All of your staff were clean, contentious and their work and customer service is unparalleled. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your hard work and for creating a beautiful space for us.


G. Grossi

January 2013

"My kitchen space has been maximized in a way that is both functional and just simply beautiful."

My kitchen renovation project was put on hold for almost two years. No one was able to provide me with the satisfaction that my dream kitchen was attainable. Through a referral, we met the team at Chestnut Grove who were able to design the kitchen of my dreams. Frank provided me with suggestions to improve my space that would work with my kitchen expectations. I now have a kitchen island in a space that all others had said it would not be feasible due to space constrictions. My kitchen space includes a beautiful island that has a sitting area, houses a microwave, a dishwasher, an under mount sink, additional cabinetry and so much more. I now have an espresso bar, exquisite cabinetry with under mount lighting, cabinet carpentry detailed to match my existing furniture and my existing space. My kitchen space has been maximized in a way that is both functional and just simply beautiful. I now have more cabinet space than I ever imagined. The installation was seamless and the final product proved that the folks at Chestnut Grove are masters in their field. I have no hesitation in saying that the team at Chestnut Grove was able to meet all my expectations and much more than I ever expected, from the planning stage, to the final execution, to the final product. Their passion, their expertise in design and their patience in listening to the end user is undeniably commendable. I have no hesitation in passing on a referral on a job well done!



November 2012

"Chestnut Grove is a company displaying excellence and perfection"...

Chestnut Grove is a company displaying excellence and perfection in unique kitchens. From the planning stages right until the very end, we were given excellent service. It was all worth the wait because in the end we have an amazing, high-end, quality kitchen that we paid for a very reasonable price. We are continually getting compliments from friends, family and neighbours. I would recommend using this company if you want a quality design without paying top price!


S. Sims

October 25, 2012

"I couldn't recommend Chestnut Grove more highly, we love our new kitchen!"

It was a pleasure working with Frank and Joe from Chestnut Grove on our kitchen renovation. What impressed us from the start is Frank’s creativity in kitchen design. He always has excellent suggestions and ideas, which was especially useful as our house is old and crooked. Making all the choices for the finishes was very enjoyable as he was able to ascertain the style we liked and narrowed down the field considerably. Frank also has a great eye for colour, which we needed as we didn’t want a white kitchen. From the project management side, Joe and the rest of the team were really fantastic too. Joe was very good with communication, always letting us know when people would be showing up and just a phone call away. The crew were friendly and polite, and they always cleaned up after a day’s work. I couldn’t recommend Chestnut Grove more highly, we love our new kitchen!" 


J. Chen


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