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“A dream kitchen designed to fit with our 1920’s craftsman style home.”

We had purchased our property in the Upper Beach a year before, and the house needed many upgrades. These included updating wiring, installing a new furnace, and replacing the worn hardwood floors. But the most glaring update needed was the tired 1980’s kitchen.

This was our second kitchen renovation, and we approached this one slowly as we wanted a kitchen that was timeless (both in style and durability), and matched our unique house. The renovation at the previous house, being constrained by funds, had been an IKEA kitchen; serviceable, but not that unique. We now wanted a kitchen that would revive and honour the 1920’s roots of our home.

Having seen the work of Chestnut Grove at our neighbour’s house, we decided to approach them for a quote. Shortly after Franco Giampietro and Joe Buompastore arrived at our house, we could tell this was not going to be what one would expect from a kitchen contractor. Their visit was not limited to the kitchen, but extended throughout the house. Franco explained that his vision for any job is to provide a kitchen that fits with the entire house. He took pictures of numerous unique architectural features throughout the house, such as the arch on the front verandah, the plate rail in the dining-room, and the original airing cupboard in the upstairs hallway. Most importantly, he asked what our vision for the kitchen was.

Throughout the design process we were asked to be key contributors to the plans for our new kitchen. We were encouraged to bring in any photos or concepts that we felt illustrated our vision. We were part of all design discussions, and Franco helped us sort through our ideas and inspirations to find the balance that worked for our kitchen.

Once it came to the work actually beginning, we were always informed on a daily basis of what tasks were being worked on, and who would be coming into the house.  All of the trades’ people who were sent in by Chestnut Grove were extremely professional. They were polite, and we always had a sense that they were treating our house as if it was their own. No shortcuts were taken, and no detail was spared.

And it was this attention to detail that impressed us the most. All of the features of our house that Frank focused on in his first visit found their way into our kitchen design; the arch on the verandah was featured in the range hood cabinet, the new opening into the dining room, and even in the kick plate details. However the piece that we feel is the crowning glory of the kitchen is the pantry cupboard that Frank designed that echoes the upstairs linen cupboard. In the words of one of our first guests to see the finished kitchen, “it seems that this pantry is original to the house.” Mission achieved. And it even has squeaky hinges! Thank you Chestnut Grove; we could not be happier.


John & Evan

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