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A journey into the African wild with Chestnut Grove’s Cheetah inspired console cabinet. A luxurious contemporary curated piece that is chic and functional. A homage to the masterful and powerful Cheetah, Designer Francesco Giampietro takes the beautiful array of spots and patterns found on these fast cats and shrouds the four sides of the console in their unique pattern only found in nature. The natural maple wood simulates the soft blonde fur of the cheetah, and the rich brown and black spots are carefully carved into the wood surface. Within the spots the face of the cheetah reveals itself as its eyes have you in its stare.

Like the Cheetah, this magnificent piece has a commanding presence in the room; bold, elegant, and alive are the words to describe the CHITA console’s attributes. It effortlessly adds style and character to your décor as a focal point.

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