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Chestnut Grove Client: Leona Moore

"We worked collaboratively at all times and his expert designers and team created in our minds a masterpiece of a kitchen"

Our journey began with trepidation. We have lived in our home for 19 years and accumulated many experiences both positive and of late frankly disheartening. We met Franco and his designer Cassandra having been referred to by a client within my professional network. We looked at his website and I had seen the work completed in my client’s home who told me directly that there was no one else to consider except for Franco and his team. My contact made the connection and voila I heard from Franco. I did not have to chase him, beg him and try to work within his schedule. I thought wow this was refreshing! We met shortly thereafter, and I need to say I had already made the decision to rule out two other contract companies. As we sat in his show room going over our wants and desires, I was impressed by the calm, gentle and respectful manner that Franco presented. I was clear from the beginning that I needed management as I was highly anxious over the prospect of having a kitchen renovation and our dogs COULD NOT BE DISRUPTED. Franco smiled and assured me they could handle the request. After our initial meeting my partner and I looked at each other and agreed then and there, Franco was our choice! It is hard to pin point the moment we knew we could trust him. But in the end we did and our developing project began.


Franco recommended Joe Buompastore to coordinate the team of trade professionals.  Following our decision Franco and Cassandra visited us and our home. This provided us a flavor of how Franco begins gathering information and an understanding of the home owners. We are rather eclectic and wanted to impress upon Franco the need to be unique and interesting in his plans for designing our kitchen. There was no rushing and from the beginning we communicated as if we were old friends. We met shortly thereafter to have an unveiling of ideas and the design plans. We worked collaboratively at all times and his expert designers and team created in our minds a masterpiece of a kitchen. We agreed on the design and planned for the time frame to begin.

Throughout the entire process between Franco and Cassandra and Joe Buompastore we were informed daily of all activities going on in our home.  Each and every professional person entering our home exuded expertise and professionalism. Anything I asked was accommodated. The most important part of this journey was the assurance our dogs would be protected from any byproduct materials that they could get into and become sick. Each team member ensured daily cleaning and protection for our dogs. Over time the unveiling of the kitchen began and I can honestly say we were excited. Gone was the fear and anxiety. I joked with friends that for the first time I was given a schedule to follow.  Additional thoughts regarding crown molding and floating shelves were suggested by Franco and at that point I just said…………you are the expert I trust your judgment!


Since the completion of our kitchen we have hosted several dinner parties and each and every person that sees our work of beauty is amazed and agrees that Franco and his team at Chestnut Grove exceed on every level craftsmanship, integrity and amazing design.  Without hesitation we would and have already recommended Franco and his team to those that ask us for the details. We also want to impress upon anyone who begins a relationship with Franco, he is sincere, honest and wants the best for the homeowners and a great communicator!  Finally in the end, Franco, Cassandra and Joe have restored our faith that there are excellent renovators and designers who demonstrate commitment to their clients. 

L. Moore

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