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Bespoke or Custom Made? by Chestnut Grove Design Studio

Bespoke and custom made are terminologies that are often being used interchangeably by interior designers these days. The customer experience between commissioning a fine handcraft bespoke tailored suit is different than placing a custom made order. The same holds true with kitchen and furniture design. By understanding the distinction between each of these processes, you will gain a better appreciation with realistic expectations to the level of quality and attention to details each one entails.


"Bespoke is an adjective for anything commissioned to a particular specification. It may be altered or tailored to the customs, tastes, or usage of an individual purchaser." - Wikipedia

Francesco Giampietro, the proprietor and principal designer at Chestnut Grove Design Studio founded the company with the vision to provide a boutique experience for a discerning clientele that is looking for a design studio with passion and ingenuity that is able to mastermind the "extraordinary", the "anything is possible" pieces.

Francesco was born in Milan, Italy and apprenticed under master craftsmen at some of the finest companies in the world. His time at Armani and Bugatti brought out his passion in design and trained him in the time honoured bespoke tradition. Fine suits commissioned and tailored to each client, no modification or use of base patterns. A bespoke fit requires multiple fittings, the commission of a unique dye lot is often possible.

When a client commissions Francesco to create a kitchen design or a piece of furniture, it means he is creating an idea from scratch. He appreciates client participation during the design stage, they are encouraged to share their stories, their travels, their passion, dreams and hopes, routines and family traditions. This is a crucial part of the process, by listening and spending time together, Francesco is able to interpret their individual style and flair into bespoke designs tailored just for them.

Trends come and go, discerning clients are looking for distinction. Francesco specializes in creating colours, manipulates materials and design elements from scratch for each project in the true time honoured bespoke fashion.

Here is one example of a master piece by Francesco, a 2 storey library with niches, hand crafted stone cast columns and a hand build secret doorway. (Stay tune for my next post with pictures of the doorway and finished library)

francesco giampietro bespoke

Custom Made

This is a completely different process than bespoke as it does not involve creating designs from scratch. This process is based on preset patterns that is scaled up or down based on your choice of a selection of kitchen designs.

Bespoke Commission or Custom Made?

Whether you are looking for something distinctive that no one else has or you would like a replica of something you saw in a design magazine, hiring designers to help you realize your dream is fun and exciting.

Come and meet Francesco in person at Chestnut Grove Design Studio and be prepared to experience the most satisfying design ride of your lifetime! See you soon at our showroom!

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furniture design display cabinet

tailor made furniture

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bespoke design steampunk hood fan

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