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"Thank you for going above and beyond, thank you for taking care of the details and doing so with ease."

I don’t often write reviews, but I don’t often come across a company that deserves a review. It’s a fundamental belief that if company provides a service they should do so with a degree of professionalism, within a reasonable budget and generally on time. As builders my husband and I work with several great trades, and to be blunt we aren’t easy to impress.
 Every now and then I come across a company that deserves a review and more so a heartfelt ‘thank you’. To Chestnut Grove and their wonderful staff, I have to take the time to say thank you. Thank you for going above and beyond, thank you for taking care of the details and doing so with ease.
As builders we try to align ourselves with companies that have the infrastructure to adapt to the pitfalls of construction, timing being one of the biggest issues. Paul Halas and Cassandra Brandow work with me to make sure I get my kitchen when I need it, even if it’s three and a half weeks after I insisted that I would. As a company they have put people in place to check in and follow up with upcoming jobs, constantly updating their schedule to accommodate their clients. 
In the custom home market, we continually change things. As a home evolves things get added and changed, color pallets change - things change. Chestnut Grove builds and finishes all the cabinetry at their shop. The end result being they have complete control over the quality of the product that bears their name, but it also allows them to add or modify cabinetry to meet site conditions on a clients’ whim. I am constantly adding cabinetry, when I come across a design issue that requires adding a shelf, or needing a three by ten flat panel, sprayed high gloss CC40, I call Paul at Chestnut Grove. 
Chestnut Grove recently outfitted an Orthodontic Studio for our company, it is beautiful, but it is also fabulous because it is functional. In a space where cabinetry is far from elegant, Paul worked with the dental company to create storage carts that would hold all of the necessary equipment and look fabulous. It should also be said, he did so for half the price of the ones we would normally order.
The process with Chestnut Grove is seamless, the measuring the orderings the made in Canada, the fantastic installation are all good things. I can recommend this company just based on these merits. However, my recommendation comes from a different place; professionalism and integrity, from Paul and Cassandra in the office, Jose in the paint shop to Jerry on site, I thank you for past project and for the future ones. 



Sandra Sisera

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