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Our Unique Spherical Desk - Customize Your Very Own

Motivated by spheres this distinctive writing desk is a three dimensional sculpture that is fully functional and brings a physical experience with the graceful and evolving arches into circles and transforming into spheres.

The high gloss white is accented by two shades of blue. The light and dark blue automotive metallic paints convey contrast, drama and sparkle for that ultimate chic effect.

The drawers are traditional, built on wooden slides for a true classic furniture feel. The interior of the drawers is finished in matching high gloss paint. For an extra special touch - the mouse pad and the drawer bottoms are hand laid genuine leather lining.

The arch drawer is a design twist. This pencil drawer face is not only arched to blend in with the moving shapes, it also has a half barrel drawer box lined in leather that is diamond stitched. The unique arched drawer box is an example of thinking outside the conventional box.

Prices available upon request! Price ranges from $3000 - $3500 depending on customizations.

Available Colour Combinations:

White with green accents

Red with black accents

Red with gold accents

Black with gold accents

Black with copper accents

Custom colour requests are available and charged according to colour and finish complexity.

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