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Exotic Bloodwood & Curly Maple

(Photo: Industrial Designer, Wendy Pham and Chestnut Grove Founder, Francesco Giampietro)

Chestnut Grove Designer and President, Francesco Giampietro dreamed of creating a line of kitchen wares that not only performed well in the kitchen, but also provided an exclusive and aesthetically pleasing design for the consumer. He described his vision to Chestnut Grove Industrial Designer, Wendy Pham and they began creating a line of cutting boards and utensils using exotic Brazilian bloodwood combined with a curly maple base. Bloodwood gets its distinct rose shade from the colour of the dense tight grain. Curly maple is created by an unexplained process in nature that gives the grain a curly appearance.

The body of the cutting board is crafted of curly maple that is intentionally selected

based on the exquisite curvaceous natural direction of the grain. A solid piece of wood is used to ensure the durability of the cutting board, creating a strong surface with a distinct character. The handles are machined and sanded, producing a soft graduated curve that flows seamlessly from one end to the other while providing a comfortable grip. Highlighted rivets in the handle make this hand finished cutting board a personal treasure for the kitchen. When paired, these rare woods create an original surface for a luxurious product line that will be unveiled soon on

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