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  • Chestnut Grove Design

Project: Restoring Automobiles

The craftsmen of Chestnut Grove believe in preserving the knowledge of the past and using it to their advantage to restore unique automobile interiors. They utilize the exact precious woods to bring a once popular automobile to its pristine condition as the day it was manufactured, years before. Details are extremely important in this type of restoration and preservation of antique automobiles. This project was led by Chestnut Grove's Principal Designer, Francesco Giampietro and executed by his team of skilled craftsman. Hand finishing techniques are used to create smooth or chiseled surfaces while maintaining the authenticity of the car.

The newest project that the team is working on is to completely rebuild the car seen below. From its shell to the inteior, the goal is to bring the car back to working condition. Check back for updates on this project in the coming weeks.

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