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  • Chestnut Grove Cabinetry & Design

Art Nouveau Inspired - Niagara Falls Winery Renovation

Chestnut Grove is the process of redesigning a Lundy Lane commercial showroom space in Niagara Falls into a winery lobby and reception area for their clients.

The naturally curvy grape vine stems are from a local Niagara area winery; the design team is studying the structure of the vines as a muse for the project. Principal Designer, Francesco Giampietro asked the question, “When you hear the name Niagara Falls, what pops into your mind?”, Francesco says that “The resounding answer was flowing water and growing grape vines, both of which have a very strong connection to the Art Nouveau style.”

The goal of the project is to design a unique space infused with an Art Nouveau flair. The team is currently working on the design of the reception area which involves using clay to create a model that will be 3D scanned. The clay is carefully worked to create flowing lines reminiscent of water and growing grape vines.


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