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  • Chestnut Grove Design

In-house Paint Shop & Personalized Colour Systems.

custom paint systems

The team at Chestnut Grove specializes in using innovative techniques to create dramatic and unique effects on cabinetry doors, drawers and furniture. The crackle effect seen below, is done by a process involving multiple coats of paint that shrink during the drying process.

Vibrant colours are produced using a special formulation of automotive paint that allows for a high gloss reflective finish. Creating custom or tailor made colours is a commonly requested detail for kitchen and design clients; they want something distinct and expressive of their personality. Principal Designer and President of Chestnut Grove, Francesco Giampietro has created system that uses delicious sounding foods as the names for his client’s paint colour. One of the first colours was named Lemon Pudding as seen in The Riverdale Kitchen. Lemon Pudding was based on the creamy yellow shade of cabinetry.

Stop by the Chestnut Grove showroom located at 40 Adesso Drive in Vaughan to see more scrumptious and vibrant colour samples.

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