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Art Nouveau Era Inspired Design

The Lundy Lane Niagara Falls Winery that the Chestnut Grove Design Team has been working on is almost near the initial completion stage. After months of planning, detailed drawings, 3D renderings and visits to the stunning Niagara Falls area, the design team is in the finishing stages of the main reception desk area.

Principal Designer Francesco Giampietro along with Interior Designer, Cassandra Brandow and Industrial Designer, Wendy Pham are hand finishing the machined pieces so they can be inserted onto the reception desk as seen below. The fusion of flowing water and winding grape vines has been the core idea of the design throughout the process. The background of the reception desk represents the flowing water of the expansive Niagara Falls. This textured portion will be painted a custom formulated paint colour that is a mix of blue and green hues to create an original aquamarine-like shade.

The vines, that are created of Canadian spruce wood will gently curve around the desk to produce an outdoor feel to the inside of the main reception area. Each piece is hand carved and then sanded to craft a smooth surface.

Opening this Spring 2016, the Lundy Lane winery reception area is a design that is inspired by the late 19th century Art Nouveau era when organic free flowing and elegant designs dominated the art scene. This historical design movement united with the beauty of Niagara Falls and the Ontario winery area has inspired a reception area that will provide a calming yet powerful focal point to the winery entrance.

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