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A Spa-Like Century Home Attic Reno

Transforming a third floor attic into a spa-like children’s bathroom with an adjoining bedroom was the challenge for the design team. The attic, in this Toronto area century home, is a half storey with limited ceiling height and odd angles. Their clients wanted a child friendly room for their daughter who will have a space to call her own as she grows. The design was not without its challenges for the team with sloped walls and smaller windows, creativity along with a careful thought process had to be at the forefront of this design approach.

The concept was an ‘under the sea’ theme that needed an elegant approach to the design while incorporating storage space and maintaining a contemporary feel. Principal designer, Francesco Giampietro as well as Interior Designer, Cassandra Brandow met with the clients to get a sense of their personality and lifestyle needs.


The bathroom cabinetry is adorned with seashell knobs to provide that stylish atmosphere the clients sought. A white shade of paint was applied to the vanity, cabinets and soap table to create a contemporary touch while providing a brighter appearance to the overall space. The walls again pulled from the elegance theme with a cool shade of blue to balance with the brilliance of the cabinetry. The Cambria countertop delivers shimmery hints of blue to tie in with the ocean feel of the room.

A large soaker tub is surrounded by natural light and cabinets to maximize on space and provide the client’s daughter with extra storage. A vanity table and mirror was crafted to create an air of enchantment to the spa-like atmosphere.

The bedroom area features a spacious layout that can be seen here. The overall aesthetic was constructed to provide a growing child with a space to call her own. From the seashell detailing to the serene look of the painted walls, this bathroom leaves us with a sense of calmness. The bedroom area will be featured in an upcoming post.


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