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Boutique Furniture Design - Tailor Made

At Chestnut Grove all of our products are imagined and manufactured in our Vaughan, Ontario work studio by accomplished craftsman. Each item produced is one of a kind and carries with it through time the story of its inception in the clients mind, to the designers sketch pad, to the final rendering in our work studio. When you buy a Chestnut Grove original it’s built with the utmost quality of materials to guarantee its durability.

The art deco secretary desk isn’t just a desk to us - it’s the personality of the customer blended with functionality and purpose. The exotic Macassar veneer, bridged over the gently curved french legs gives the piece a deep rich charm. The richness is then contrasted with a golden velvety sycamore veneer centre on the top of the desk that is embraced by solid aluminum banding. The finish is then hand polished to a luster to bring out the elegance of the woods and design sophistication.

The replication of a classic French Provence style dresser is dramatic with its robust construction, thick post cabriole legs and scalloped skirt. An aged surface is created through artistic techniques that recreate the wear and tear marks, split wood, hand tool scars and strategically placed worm holes that would be true to the era. The wood is further enhanced by hand rubbed glazes to patina the finish giving it the character of a hundred-year-old dresser. This arduous approach creates a conversation piece that will travel through the family for years to come.

Chestnut Grove appreciates the uniqueness in every design challenge. Each tailor made piece of furniture produced is evidence that if you believe in your designs the results will be more than imagined.

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