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Antique Furniture Restoration Techniques

damaged Chippendale secretary desk

At Chestnut Grove we believe in preserving the old world craftsmanship that lives in every vintage furniture creation. We study the design, engineering and techniques that were used so we can replicate the same methods of thinking and attention to detail. At times these treasures are forgotten in attics or sold in garage sales and antique shops until someone who understands the quality of workmanship buys the original piece and sees the value in having it restored.

Chippendale secretary desk refinished toronto

Chippendale Secretary desk refinished Toronto

This 1940s Chippendale Secretary desk needed the eye of a skilled artisan as the lackluster desk required more than just a refinishing to bring its former finish back to life. Before the repair of this mahogany masterpiece could begin, the Chestnut Grove team examined the construction of the desk to ensure that similar wood working techniques would be utilized. When studying the time period in which the secretary desk was constructed in, owner Francesco Giampietro is able to evoke the emotion of the era by restoring it to be as close as possible to its original form. The authentic and elegant curvy serpentine drawers that add drama to the piece were removed and re-sanded. The entire piece was given a clear stain that revived the mahogany wood grain and restored the desk to its genuine appearance.

The Chestnut Grove artisan’s take pride in applying restorative techniques to ensure the restoration is completed authentically. Each treasured piece is treated as though it were their very own.

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