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An Adventurous & Nautical Cabinetry Design

Nautical hardware display Chestnut Grove Design

When designing a concept for Chestnut Grove’s show-booth Francesco Giampietro took inspiration from the sea, and the way it has captivated people throughout history. Sailing has remained one of the most important inventions of our time and it has greatly improved the evolution of the modern world. The attraction of the sea became the motivation for this nautical concept full off iconic attributes of past and present sailing.

The solid oak Manchester beaded doors are representative of the wooden deck planks of traditional sailing ships. The deck plank theme is repeated as the backsplash, to tie in to the ship-life feeling the design evokes. The solid oak conveys the ideal rustic texture to the All Spice Rum colour reminiscent of a sailor’s favourite beverage.

A traditional ship look is created with classic elements such as the ship’s wooden helm, anchors as handles, ship rope fashioned into drawer pulls and as an ornamental detail to the end post of the cabinets. The marine look is not complete without touches of leather and polished brass accents that connect the design with elegant style.

The blue, red and white gloss painted slab doors embrace nautical theme colours of today’s modern sailing. The 3D sculpted upper cabinets are reflective of an artistic visual expression of the sea conveying the movement and the emotion of the waves to the imagination.

Fusing together the traditional and modern style of the Maritimes, displays the adventure and romance of sailing that is enjoyed by many avid and adventurous sailors today.


Chestnut Grove Design Nautical showbooth

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