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Introducing Tailor Made magazine by Chestnut Grove

Chestnut Grove Cabinetry - Tailor made

TAILORmade magazine by Chestnut Grove is officially printed. This in-house magazine showcases the Chestnut Grove brand by featuring client reviews, ongoing projects and a lifestyle section that displays the staff of Chestnut Grove's culinary creations.

President, Francesco Giampietro wanted a magazine that has a bespoke look and feel to it. There is a section titled, 'The Genuine Article', which will be in every issue of TAILORmade. In this issue you can read about a Niagara Falls area winery with a custom reception desk and wine bar that has a Art Nouveau take on the design.

Chestnut Grove's friends at The Foreign Affair Winery are shown in the Lifestyle section. They pair one of their fabulous wines with our tasty dish.

Have a read! Expect four issues of TAILORmade a year. You can visit our showroom for a copy of your own, or click the above image to read online.

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