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Steel Made Spherical Table.

A table is envisioned using the strength of steel and the soft organic movement of soap bubbles. By combining these two contrasting elements the spherical soap bubble table created.

Spherical Table - Chestnut Grove Design

Chestnut Grove designer, Cassandra Brandow took on the challenge of designing this unique table. Working with Principal designer Francesco Giampietro, the two studied how a spherical shape can intertwine at various scales and angles to create flow and movement. Together they studied the shape and size of soap bubbles while in movement. The table base has become a three-dimensional organic sculpture that appears to be growing and moving, evolving from every angle. The bubble table is constructed in the design studio metal shop from all steel components.

Chestnut Grove - Metal Shop

The table base design was drawn and modeled using 3D computer software. Each intricate ring and sphere was then welded by hand, using the computerized drawings. After the welding was complete, spheres and rings were again added to the structure to make the base evoke the organic movement of the soap bubbles from every angle. The table base will be finished using vibrant automotive paint and the table top will be glass, allowing for a clear view of the sculptural base below. To see more custom furniture creations, visit Chestnut Grove’s Design Studio, located in Vaughan.

Spherical Table Made Of Steel - Chestnut Grove Design

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