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Laser Etched Gifts With A Handmade Finish

Laser Etched Glass Jars By Chestnut Grove Design

It has been a busy Holiday Season for the design team at Chestnut Grove. Feeling much like Santa’s Elves, the team is working tirelessly to design, cut and assemble these festive and sparkly packages.

With the recent acquirement of the laser machine, making these gifts is now allowing the designers to expand on their creative thinking by experimenting with different materials, such as glass, acrylics and paper.

The ornament-decorated etched glass jars are meant as reusable Christmas keepsakes for the recipients. Each jar is laser etched on the machine before a decorative red ribbon is placed inside along with decadent chocolates, making this a tailored and handmade present.

Candy Filled - Glass Jars By Chestnut Grove Design  |  Chestnut Grove Design

Next, Chestnut Grove created dazzling snowflakes that reflect light from all angles. These are cut on the laser machine out of a large sheet of acrylic. Like an actual snowflake, these ones vary in size and weight.

Laser Machine - Cutting Acrylic Snowflakes | Chestnut Grove Design

Again, the design team employ's creative thinking whenever possible and made the decision to make this an assembly required gift. These sparkling decorations come in two pieces that easily snap together and when hung from a tree or in a doorway (as Chestnut Grove has done in their showroom), a magical holiday atmosphere instantly fills the room.

Acrylic Snowflakes Cut On Chestnut Grove's Laser Machines

Lastly, designers Francesco Giampietro and Cassandra Brandow took plain brown paper bags and dressed them up with a laser cut Christmas and New Year’s message. The final product is an inventive design that showcases the new ways that Chestnut Grove is expanding their thinking when it comes to all things design.

Festive Brown Bags Cut On A Laser Machine | Chestnut Grove Design

Happy Holiday’s from The Staff of Chestnut Grove!

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