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Library Design | Casting Gothic Style Columns

gothic style stone column wood mold

Chestnut Grove is building a rotunda library that will cover the basement and main level of a custom-built Toronto area home. The client requested a triple step gothic style replication of stone columns to go with the bookcases in the library area. Chestnut Grove's Principal Designer, Francesco Giampietro along with designers, Cassandra Brandow, Wendy Pham and program engineer Henry Sanchez, set out on the task of replicating the massive stone columns in a material that would be suitable for the interior of a home.

hand sculpting wood column molds

The team decided on a light weight concrete, that provides a similar style and texture of the authentic stone columns. A 3D model is created first by using photos of the original columns. The 3D program is sent to the CNC for cutting, to create a mold to scale that will then be cast in the light weight concrete material.

To get the mold to represent the true shape and texture of the columns, an artisan hand sculpts the fine details using various chisels and sandpaper. This creates a look and feel that's true to the original gothic style stone columns. Once complete these columns will be 8-foot-high, durable stone like pillars that add sophistication and character to the home.

light weight concrete column mold

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