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Purrr-fect Custom Cabinet Designs

A cabinet doesn't have to be a neutral colour, and a standard size and shape with basic hardware. Sometimes we want a cabinet that commands attention on its own when someone walks into a room, with a bright pop of colour or a unique drawer front, that is still fully functional, yet stylish and unique.

Orange Painted Cabinet

Chestnut Grove designers are constantly pushing themselves to think further when it comes to furniture design. Their studio, located in Vaughan, Ontario is fully equipped to design, build and paint any creative furniture pieces that the designers or their clients can think of.

Inspired by the bold and wild nature of tigers, the cabinet above is painted in the vibrant hue, Electric Orange Pearl. In bright light or sunlight this glitzy pearlized colour sparkles, while keeping file folders organized and protected from dust.

Office Filing Cabinet, Tiger Picture

CNC technology enables the designers at Chestnut Grove to program almost any image into a computer, which is then cut into a slab of wood, sanded and hand painted in the paint shop, located on site at Chestnut Grove. Having the entire production under one roof, enables clients to watch the project from start to finish.

Leopard Cabinet

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