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Backyard and Summer Ready Patio Set

solid cedar patio furniture set toronto, chestnut grove design

(ABOVE: Cedar Patio Furniture Model and Inspiration Photos)

Chestnut Grove is delving into outdoor furniture design, just in time for summer. Designer, Wendy Pham and Principal Designer, Francesco Giampietro created a look that’s functional, comfortable and backyard party ready. Constructed of solid cedar, this durable furniture is built to withstand the elements that Toronto’s summer weather throws at it.

patio set floor plan

(ABOVE: Patio Set Floor Plan, Tailored To The Clients Lifestyle)

Designed with style in mind, the clients wanted a chic patio set that features multi-purpose elements. This summer-ready collection includes an l-shaped sofa, armless seat and an ottoman that can function as a table once the cushion is removed. A separate storage cabinet for toys and extra cushions carries dual functionality by utilizing the flat space on top which can be used for drinks, or food during breezy outdoor events with family and friends. A square and armless seat becomes backless when extra guest seating isn’t required. All three pieces can be arranged to form a cozy sofa bed, by moving the ottoman/table to sit in front of the sofa piece. The entire set sits against a large window, making it easier to move with its modular design.

Chestnut Grove Craftsmen Building Custom Patio Furniture

(ABOVE: Chestnut Grove Craftsmen Builds The Sofa Piece)

The client’s rustic-modern look is completed by using a bleaching agent that strips the natural red and yellow tones from the wood, replacing it with a lighter, neutral shade. Giampietro and Pham then created texture by wire brushing each piece to complete the outdoor casual look. Overtime cedar that is left unstained, will turn a classic greyish silver colour as it becomes aged from weathering. The complete set defines modern style with its straight lines, forming clean rectangular and square shapes that make relaxing in the sun enjoyable, comfortable and inviting.

Designer Wendy Pham helped the clients with the fabric selection for the set. A plush rich navy-blue was chosen for the seat cushions and a crisp white fabric was decided on for the throw pillows, with solid blue seasonal flowers and perched birds intertwining throughout the fabric.

Patio Outdoor Furniture Fabrics, Bought In Toronto

(ABOVE: The Clients Patio Set Fabric Selections)

Once the patio collection is installed, check @ChestnutGroveTo on Instagram and Twitter for photos of this summery backyard essential, ready for use.

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