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Pet Feeding Station as seen on Cityline!

Pet Feeding Station Cityline, Chestnut Grove Dog Cabinet

We all know someone who has a pet, or we have pets ourselves. Often furniture designed for dogs or cats is clunky, uninspired, or too pet themed for the room. Chestnut Grove’s Principal Designer Francesco Giampietro (also a dog owner!), and designer Cassandra Brandow (another dog owner!), decided to think outside the box to build a chic pet feeding station that is contained inside a sleek three-drawer cabinet.

This isn’t an ordinary pet cabinet, it's tailor-made to mesh with the décor of the room. Having pets doesn’t mean you must sacrifice style when it comes to choosing the right pet accessories for your home. This cabinet can be designed, styled, and colour matched to fit into any space as a standalone piece of furniture. Our pet feeding and storage cabinet is functional, and more importantly pet safe.

Pet feeding station cityline, Jackie Glass, Chestnut Grove Design

(ABOVE: Designer Jackie Glass with Cassandra Brandow and Rita Halls of Chestnut Grove Design Studio)

The top two drawers can be used to store extra dishes, grooming supplies, leashes, or pet treats. The smaller slide out drawer is where the stainless-steel feeding bowls are located. This cabinet was designed for medium to larger sized dogs, so the feeding drawer is placed up higher from the floor. The cabinet is fully customizable to the size of your pet, making the drawer’s interchangeable. A safety locking mechanism is located on every feeding cabinet, so that when your pets are eating the drawer stays locked in place. This elegant cabinet has soft-close drawers, sculpted trim, and luxurious crystal drawer-pulls.

The bottom drawer is used for storing dog food so it can easily be scooped into the bowls above (or below), at feeding time. This takes the large bulky dog food bags, and bins from the floor of the pantry, and hides the kibble away in a sophisticated and secure manner. Our furry friends now have their own place that makes feeding time easier, and pet owners have a piece of furniture that is created to blend into their personal style, and overall aesthetic of the space.

Chestnut Grove Dog Feeding Station, Pet feeding station, dog food cabinet

Our dog food feeding and storage cabinet was featured on Cityline with host Tracy Moore during Designer Jackie Glass’ pet segment. You can order this pet feeding station by emailing, We can customize the cabinet to your room and décor – just let us know what you are thinking design wise!

Check out the wonderful work of Designer Jackie Glass by visiting

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